Our Famous Melted Chocolate

The most scintillating experience in chocolate is here!

We are expert in chocolate desserts that you won’t find in any other place in Penrith. We have created special Famous Melted Chocolate that has become our prime selling dessert. You can also choose from our famous chocolate puddings, chocolate ice-creams and other various other desserts.

We will ensure that your love for chocolates enters new dimension of pleasure. With our perfect treats you are sure to make way for stunning discoveries in the arena of sweet indulgence. We promise to surprise and excite you with our incredible treats which is sure to become your favorites.

At Coco Jungle, we have strong awareness of the fact that our services are wholly and solely directed towards our guest’s demands. That is the reason we take very possible step to meet your expectations. We challenge you that once you taste our Melted chocolate, you will be inspired to taste everything on the menu. We will give you every reason to visit us again and again!

If you have any special requirement then feel free to contact us. We will use our experience and expertise to make melted chocolate desserts according to your taste. We are experienced company that has only one aim to provide excellent quality service to our customers. We promise that you won’t face any sort of disappointment by trying our new desserts and ice-cream flavors. Every time you visit us, we will provide you creative menu that you will love to explore.

We promise that you will fall in love with our incredible range of melted chocolate desserts. You can also visit our restaurant for enjoying best time with your friends and family. We have special dessert menu for kids those they will fall in love with. We are offering quality and health-friendly desserts at very affordable prices. That means you can plan your outings here without much worries.

So it is time that you seek Coco Jungle as your ultimate escape into the world of tasteful food and lovely sweets. We will help you in creating lovely memories as we have perfect ambience, friendly staff and incredible food to make sure that you have superb time with us!