Fast Food Place In Penrith

Looking for a spot in Penrith to spend a quiet time of leisure? Try Coco Jungle Chocolate Lounge, known to delight the taste buds with its remarkably refreshing OZ, Italian & Asian themed menu. Coco Jungle is seen among the topmost ideal fast food place in Penrith, it is the one and only themed Café, Bar & Chocolate Lounge that gives lenient chocolate dessert menu.

Coco Jungle is located in the heart of Penrith near Penrith Paceway, giving comfort and convenience with its magnificent sight. Coco Jungle Chocolate Lounge is Penrith foodie’s delight with the wide variation of mouth-watering Asian and Italian cuisines. We offer our deliciously wondrous services for breakfast, and dinner in Penrith. It is one of the opulent establishments in Penrith that are regarded for elegance and provide a perfect environment for classic and sophisticated dining and wining.

Coco Jungle caters the best chocolate menu in Penrith. We hold the specialty of achieving the pure taste of fine quality chocolate in our easygoing chocolate dessert menu. If you are a chocolate lover, Coco Jungle Chocolate Lounge is the ideal destination for your sweet tooth’s craving. Try our famous blended chocolate desserts and sundaes that will make leave the stress of city life and join the jungle of satisfaction.

Coco jungle is all about pleasure and taste, we offer the most unusual surrounding with our jungle themed bar and Cafeteria in Australia. the real taste of nature’s most classic ingredients in Coco jungle menu sketched by top chefs in Penrith for your joyful treat. Our menu has a wide range of steaks, chicken and seafood dishes made with fresh ingredients. This is a perfect place where you can make some precious memories with your loved ones.

Celebrate your special occasions at Coco jungle Chocolate bar and Cafeteria Penrith. Call us or Get your Bookings Online at the best price.